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Venice offers a large quantity of places where you can have your lunch, dinner or simply have a break during the day. Eating and drinking in Venice is quite expensive, but if you pay attention you can enjoy good food and fine wine without spending too much, choosing for example the "bacari".


Bacaro is a typical Venetian bar, usually small very simple and with wood furniture. It's difficult to explain exactly what it is, it is not exactly an osteria, not a restaurant, nor a wine bar, but a unique kind of place, with its own warm atmosphere. Having a snack in bacari is an established habit in Venice. You should try to better understand.


Snacks in Venetian bacari are called cicheti (chee-keh-tee) and they are usually ordered together with a small glass of wine (called ombra in Venetian dialect, which literally means shadow).
cicheti, bacariCicheti are snacks made of traditional local meat or fish dishes. Typical cicheti are for example fried fish (usually calamari), polpette (fried meatballs made of veal, potatoes and spices), folpeti (little boiled octopus served with a delicate and aromatized extra-virgin olive oil and lemon), baccal mantecato (a mix of codfish, olive oil, garlic and parsley served on a piece of bread, called crostino), sarde in sar (marinated sardines) or a half boiled egg with an anchovy on top.
Cicheti have almost a social value in Venice because they are, together with spritz, a reasons for people to meet and spend time together.


You can find dozens of bacari in Venice (see complete list here), they are everywhere end each one is very characteristic and full of charm. An area where they are very concentrated is Rialto, which is famous for its market and is also becoming popular among youngest people.


Bacari tour


People often organize a little tour of three or four different bacari instead of having dinner in a restaurant or pizzeria, it could be a funny way to enjoy the real Venice.
A traditional tour could start from a famous bacaro called Cantina Do Morisituated in a sotoportego(San Polo 429) close to Rialto market, which offers a wide choice of cicheti. From here you can continue to Campo San Giacometto, at 2 minutes walk from Rialto Bridge, where is located "Bancogiro" (photo). Its a small historic place where you can eat end drink admiring the Grand Canal. After that, crossing Rialto Bridge, you can stop at Alla Botte, close to Campo San Bartolomeo. Its popular and often very crowd. Lastbacaro of the tour could be one of the oldest of Venice, Osteria Alla Vedova, located along Strada Nuova, in Calle del Pistor . Its also Known as Ca DOro and is popular for its polpette (fried meatballs with garlic).


The experience of a bacari tour can be enjoyedby everyone,its loved by Venetians and by tourists in the same way. Bacari are opened from mid-morning to late at night.



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