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Venice, the City of...

Venice, the capital of Veneto, is a small fantastic city, unique in the world and full of charm and mystery. Extremely concentrated, every monument, Church or museum contains a piece of history, a legend or a tradition.

Venice is called in different ways due to its peculiarities.
It is called the City of Water because of its canals. In fact the city is built on a collection of 118 little islands in the centre of the Venetian Lagoon and is crossed by hundreds of canals, about 150.
Its called the City of Bridges due to the presence of more than 400 bridges that permit to cross its canals and connect all the city.
Venice is called the City of Gondole, which is the most famous and romantic means for experiencing the city. Gondola is the symbol of the city that has made it recognizable all over the world.
Venice is also called the City of Lights but its impossible to describe the reasonyou should be there when the sun goes down and wonder the show of the illuminated city

Position and population:

Venice position Coordinates: 452?N 1219?E
Country: Italy
Region: Veneto
Province: Venice (VE)

Postal Code: 30100
Dialing Code: 041

Population: 270.660 (updated apr 2009)
Area: 414.57sq km(160.1sqmi)
Elevation: 0 m

Patron saint: St Mark Evangelist (25 April)



The city of Venice is divided into six districts, called "sestiere".

venice sestieri
These are Cannaregio, San Polo, Dorsoduro (including the Giudecca and Isola Sacca Fisola), Santa Croce, San Marco (including San Giorgio Maggiore) and Castello (including San Pietro di Castello and Sant'Elena).