Venice spritz

Spritz: the typical venetian aperitif

Spritz is the typical aperitif in Venice, but it is also very diffused in all the north of Italy. According to the original recipe it is made of:
white wine (1/3)
carbonated water (1/3)
Aperol (1/3)
lemon peel
one olive.

If you prefer a bitter taste you can also choose Campari instead of Aperol.

Why is it called Spritz? It seems that that the Austrians used add water in the venetian wine because taste was too strong for them, so the Venetians started to add liquor to give this drink a new taste. The Austrians called it "gesspritz", word that means "injection".
People usually start drinking spritz from 5.30 pm but sometimes you can see someone ordering one before lunch.
It is not very expensive, you will find it in Venice between 2,00 and 3,00 euro.

A recent article in the most important italian newspaper ("Corriere della Sera", 2010/08/22) talked about the invasion of the spritz beyond italian borders. In particular german people seem to be conquered by the orange drink.
For example in Berlin, famous trend city, during summer 2010 every pub and nightclub has added Spritz in the drink list: everyone ask for it, everyone want to drink it...the venetian aperitif seems to have usurped the throne in the hearts of Germans occupied by the beer.
But it is not only the capital to have surrendered to the charm of italian Spritz. Drinking it has become a real habit, especially in Monaco and its surroundings.
You don't believe? Try to go in the oldest and most famous brewery in the city, the Hofbräuhaus, and try looking at the menu.

Spritz is only a little alcoholic but enjoy it responsably!